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Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2008

Today we gather together with friends and family to give thanks for the many blessings that we have recieved over the past year. During this time our thoughts are turned to our pilgrim fathers, the suffering they endured and the thanks they poured out to God for His provision. As I think about the early thanksgiving feasts, I am reminded that we are commanded to give thanks in the midst of difficult and sorrowful times. Many may consider their lives right now and say, “What do I have to give thanks for?” Yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we have far more we can give thanks for than we always recognize. As Christians we have more than the petty things of what we eat and where we live for which we can give thanks. We have been given the forgiveness of all our sin. What could possibly be a greater reason than that for thanksgiving? Our damnation to hell and condemnation under the wrath of God has been removed from us, being taken away by Christ so that we could be made righteous in Him. No matter how bad your life is, if you are a Christian, your rotten life is still far better than the eternal suffering of hell you deserve. Give thanks for your salvation! Our wonderful salvation should be enough to cause all of us to rejoice, but that is not all the reasons we have to give thanks. We can give thanks because of the great promise to us of the abundant grace of God in our lives. His grace not only abounds far more than our sin but also far more than our need. At all times the grace of God is sufficient for us. At all times the grace of God is working to do far more abundantly beyond what we can ask or even think. We can give thanks today because God’s abundant grace is still overflowing. Besides those two things, the Bible reveals to us a vast amount of blessings and promises from God which are ours right now. The checkbook may be tight and future plans may be doubtful, but God’s abundance is not diminished in the least. For that we should always give thanks. As you enjoy the day, give thanks for those things that are most important. Give thanks for the eternal working that God has done and is doing in the life of every believer. Happy Thanksgiving!


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