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Dinosaurs on the Brain

June 9, 2009

raptor looking I am just beginning the six week ramp up to VBS. This year I am helping two churches with their VBS programs. Starting July 19 I will be at Manistique Bible Church for their weeklong VBS. In lieu of purchasing a prepackaged VBS (that would be way too easy), I am helping them put together their program “in house” using some excellent materials from Answers in Genesis and a stockpile of material that I have put together over the last couple years. The real reason we didn’t go with any of the prepackaged VBS programs is we wanted to do a Creation theme again this year. I believe the program will be exactly what the church and communities needs and appreciate your prayers with me that this will be a dynamic evangelistic tool

Immediately after ending the VBS in Manistique I will head up to Hancock to assist them. They will be using last year’s RBP theme, “DinoDetectives”. The church in Hancock is a small church plant, so I am earnestly praying this VBS will be a great boost to the church. The need is great to continue to teach families the truth about origins. The truths of Genesis undergird the truths of sin and salvation. Without a full confidence in God as Creator, we are left with uncertainty about God as Savior. With these VBS programs we are seeking to reach the heart of kids and instill in them a confidence in God as their Creator and Savior. The task is difficult, as we combat current scientific teaching, popular movies, books and “common knowledge.” Please pray for myself, Ruth and both these churches as we prepare to reach out to the lost in this very important way. Pray as we combat the great lie of evolution and seek to introduce people to the truths of creation and salvation. Pray I will be able to think about something other than dinosaurs for the next six weeks.


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