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A Vessel unto Honor

July 16, 2009

On Monday I received word that pastor Dave Knell from Copper Country Bible Church in Hancock, MI had been rushed to the hospital.  It turns out Dave had a stroke in the brain stem, rendering him brain dead.  Despite the brain death, Dave’s body was kept on a ventilator until organ recipients could be found and readied.  Sometime last night he was taken off the ventilator as he went into surgery to harvest his organs.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon with the family in the hospital, and it was a wonderful reminder of the incredible hope Christians have in those situations.  Every member of the family recognized and cherished Dave’s desire to be a ministry to others, even after death.  At the same time the family gathered around his body, they all were confident that was not him.  Every one looked to heaven as Dave’s dwelling place now.  Not with the foolish “he was a good man” wishing, but with the certain, quiet confidence that Dave was a child of God and because God is true Dave was now in heaven.  The flesh that remained was not  Dave, but was merely a vessel to be used up in ministry.  That was Dave’s testimony in life and in death.

Please keep the Knell family in prayer as they continue to sorrow the sudden loss of a much loved father and husband.


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