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Sacrificial Love

October 30, 2009

Crucifixion 7The last part of the growth process in 2 Peter 1 is sacrificial love. This is the love that God has shown to us. This is the love that has been commanded of us over and over again as Christians. This is the love that we cannot live without. This is the love that we cannot please God without. This is the love that is the central part of our existence as Christians, as a church and as children of God.

This love is the kind of love that is committed to doing what is best for another no matter what it costs me or what I get in return. This is completely opposite to the worldly definition of love. The world defines loves based on the feelings I get from being around someone else. That is why we can so quickly fall in and out of love. That is why a 13 year old girl can talk about falling in love with one guy one week and another one two weeks later. She is responding to the world’s definition of love. She thinks, “He makes me feel great, so that must be true love.” or “He doesn’t make me feel so good, I must not love him anymore.” The really sad thing is that we as believers have bought this love, and we build our relationships in exactly the same way. I feel good around someone, so I love them. They do great things for me, I love them. I really enjoy spending time with them, I love them. Was that God’s kind of love? Did God say to Himself, “Those wicked, depraved, rebellious people sure do make me feel good, I love them.”? No, God made a commitment to a relationship with us that was going to be exercised for our benefit, no matter what the cost to Himself. That is the kind of love that we must have. That is kind of love you must have in your marriage, in your family, in your church, with your neighbors, friends and co workers. You must be committed to the others benefit no matter what the cost. You must be committed to a right relationship, no matter what you get out of it. You must have a committed love that is willing to pay the cost.

This love that we have to be developing is not love for those that are lovely. It is love for everyone, from the most wicked to the most wonderful. From the peaceful to the problematic. From the helpful to the harmful. We must be developing in each life, in this church as a whole a love that is willing love, no matter what the danger or the cost to yourself. Are you loving others sacrificially?


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