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Special meeting about the end of the world

November 6, 2009

dispensationsTomorrow we are departing the UP to head down state for several days of meetings. During those meetings we will be discussing the upcoming demise of the political, economic, social and physical structure of the earth. I will be speaking from Sunday to Wednesday at First Baptist Church of Hadley. The theme of those meetings will be “What to do about the end of the world.” We will be examining Scriptures to determine how Christians should be responding and acting as the return of Christ draws nearer. For those that know me, you would expect me to take an approach different from much of the popular preaching about end times. You would be very correct in that assumption. We will be briefly considering the timeline of future things, but the vast majority of our time will be spent examining the Christians duties in the church, to Christ, towards the unbelievers and in the heart as Christ’s return draws every closer. Your prayers as we travel and I preach are greatly appreciated. Please pray as well that the folks in Hadley will be challenged into greater Christlikeness through these meetings.


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