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On the Road Again

November 13, 2009

We are once again traveling down the highway (though not at the precise moment I am typing this). We just concluded four days of meetings at the Baptist Church of Hadley and are now heading to North Carolina to spend some time with my family. We are planning to be in the Charlotte area until the 22nd, at which point we will make our journey back north. We intend to arrive back in the UP a couple days before Thanksgiving.

The meetings at Hadley seemed to go very well. The church was incredibly gracious to us, and appeared to be very receptive of the Word. I spent all day Sunday examining 2 Peter 3. Monday night we examined Romans 13:11-14. Tuesday and Wednesday evening we spent in 1 Thessalonians 5. Each night we considered the imminent return of Christ and the incredible eternal glories that God has prepared for His children. We examined the fact of the certain demise of all things. Most importantly, we considered the necessity of living differently and distinctly Christlike in this age. I believe the Christians were strengthened and provoked by God’s Word. Thanks again for your prayers for the preaching of the Word and our safety on the road.

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