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Safely Home

November 29, 2009

Another 22oo mile journey has been safely concluded. On the way we stopped by Hadley, Jackson, Locust and Newton. I had the chance to celebrate thanksgiving with most of my family and see some extended family members I haven’t seen since before I made my first journey to the north in 1995. I also had the chance to replace the brakes and rotors on our car while down there (this was a semi-planned maintenance- I decided I wanted to work in the warmer weather of North Carolina than on the frigid concrete of our own garage). While down there I was also able to do some tweaking and upgrading to the blog. I will be unveiling those improvements after Thanksgiving. All in all it was a very enjoyable and profitable trip. Thank you again for your prayers for us and our travels. God continues to bless the ministry and our family.


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