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How to Win a Fight- Speak Truth

December 31, 2009

We are members together with fellow believers.  We have the same kind of relationship with other Christians that our own eyes, ears, hands, feet, elbows and armpits have with one another.  We are individual elements of an organic body.  Each element is unique, serving a distinctive and different function.  However, no element can deny its essential fellowship the rest.  That unity is the reason Paul gives for the need of honesty in our relationships.  In Ephesians 4:25 he says, “Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another.” The first obvious application of that verse is that there is no room for lying in  a Christian’s life.  Put away those things which pervert the truth.  This prohibition against lying goes farther than just not telling blatant falsifications.  This also covers those things which would distort or hide the truth.  Even if a statement does not actively proclaim a falsehood, it can serve to present a distorted view of the truth (politics, anyone?).  Other statements can be used as smokescreens to hide or as shields to deflect the truth.  Honesty requires that we do not do anything that will hinder the communication of necessary truths (there are several nuances of this principle that need to be explored, later).  This verse is more than just a prohibition against deception, it is also a call to speak the truth.  In our relationships, especially in times of conflict, there must be honest transparency.  Silence is not the solution to problems.  If you ignore a problem, it does not go away.  More importantly, silence does not assault evil with good.  At the very best, silence stands by while evil works.  At its worst, silence supports or acquiesces to evil.  Honesty demands that we speak to address wrongs.  This obligation is not limited to one party or the other.  It is demanded of believers, whether they have been wronged, done the wrong or been misunderstood (Matthew 5:23 & 18:15.  We must speak the truth.  This truth speaking has to go beyond the popular notions of spouting “I feel” to others.  It needs to be truth that is pertinent to the issue and works toward bringing resolution, reconciliation and a strengthened relationship.  This truth speaking needs to include the truths of the Word as it applies to the issue at hand.   Because we are members together of Christ’s body, we must speak truth with one another.


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