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Mileage Milestone

January 5, 2010

Since 2004 the main mode of transportation for the family has been our Subaru Outback.   At the time, we carefully researched vehicles to determine what would be the most reliable vehicle (with all wheel drive for Ruth’s comfort in the snow) for our needs.  The Lord provided and we were able to purchase exactly the vehicle we wanted.  At the time of our purchase my goal was to put 150,000 – 200,000 additional miles on the car.  Since then, we have safely driven over 160,000 miles.  God has been incredibly gracious to us over those miles, with no major accidents and only a couple major repairs.   My expectation is that this year the odometer will twirl past the 300,000 mile point.  As an exercise in thanksgiving and praise to God for his protection and provision for us, I want to do a little countdown to 300,000.  Every 5,000 miles I will post a picture of the odometer and road being traveled.  This will allow you a better picture of God’s care for us and the opportunity to see some of the roads we travel as we serve the body of Christ.

Sunday morning, on our way over to Newberry, MI to fill the pulpit at First Baptist Church we traveled across the Seney Stretch on M-28.  For those not familiar with this part of the UP, the Seney Stretch is a 20 mile, perfectly straight, portion of road between the towns of Shingleton and Seney.  While on the Seney Stretch we reached the 270,000 mile mark, the first marker in our progression to 300,000 miles.  Praise the Lord that despite the slightly snowy conditions, we arrived safely in Newberry for a great day of ministry.


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