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How to Win a Fight- The Right Kind of Anger

January 15, 2010

The manifestations of anger are many and varied.  We are regularly given reports of road rage, internet rage, fast food rage (How silly do you have to be to punch a fast food worker because they don’t have chicken nuggets?)  as well as the steady stream of assaults and domestic violence that permeate our newscasts.  Anger is not just an issue in the culture at large, it is problematic in many churches.  However, if we are going to communicate with one another as Christians. If we are going to resolve problems in a manner that pleases God, we must refuse to yield to unrighteous anger.  Ephesians 4: 26 says, “Be ye angry, and sin not.”  This verse tells us that when we are angry, we must do so without sinning.  This verse assumes that there will be times when we are angry.  This verse does not give us permission to unleash our anger whenever we feel like it.  Rather, this command greatly restricts our anger, putting clamps on it so that the intensity generated in times of anger will be from a right source for a right purpose.  To achieve that, we must understand what legitimate anger is.  Righteous anger must meet two standards: angry for the right reasons and directed at the right solution.  For anger to be righteous, it must be angry at those things God is angry about.  Anger is only right when it is angry at sin.  If we are angry because circumstances or people have inconvenienced us, we are practicing sinful anger.  If we are angry because things have not gone as we planned, we are angry for the wrong reasons.  If we are angry because our pride has been hurt, we are sinfully angry.  Righteous anger is directed at sin.  That first standard eliminates much of our anger, but the next, which will be considered in the next article, should chop it down to almost nothing.


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