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No Worthless Words

February 13, 2010

James tells us the man who can control his tongue is a mature, Godly man.  He also compares the insignificance of that member to the power it wields.  As a small metal rod can direct a mighty war horse, so the tongue has influence and might far beyond its size.  In all our relationships the tongue is one of the greatest tools for good or ill.  With that in mind, if we are going to win a fight as Christians, we will have to keep a tight rein on our tongue.  In Ephesians 4:25 we are instructed, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying.”  First and foremost, we must guard our speech against words that are worthless.  Corrupt communication is communication that is not fit to accomplish anything good.   It is rotten communication.  It is empty communication.  Any kind of conversation that hinders the work of the Holy Spirit is corrupt communication.  Any kind of communication that clouds the issues or moves away from truth is corrupt communication.  Unfortunately, this kind of communication comes  readily to us.  Online forums and comment sections reveal that many professing Christians have no control over their words.  They will spew things as venomous and wicked as any lost man.  They will cut and stab and wound and devour with no thought for how God has commanded us to communicate.  This is shameful.  Another, less public, venue that reveals the true state of our Christian conversation is our communication with family members, especially spouses.  There is no cause to say wicked, shameful things to your partner.  Because they vowed to stay with you for better or for worse does not mean you have permission to spew the worst at them whenever things get tense.  Make the choice to stop practicing corrupt communication.  Labor so that all our conversations will be filled with communcation that is good, wholesome and helpful.  Forsake the rotten and empty words.


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