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The Inflammation of the Soul

April 28, 2010

Wrath is the inflaming of the passions, the boiling, simmering heat of ongoing resentments and perpetual frustration. Frequently in the New Testament the word translated wrath is used in a judicial or official sense.  In Revelation we see the earth fall under the wrath of God.  A couple times we see the wrath of unbelievers expressed towards those who preached the truth of Christ.  Four times the word is included in a list of the works of the flesh.  For the believer, wrath is always used in the sense of something that is totally prohibited by God.  Wrath is something that has no place in the life of a Christian.  It is an identifier of the fleshly, pagan man.  It is a work of the flesh.  It is a mark of the old man.  It has nothing in it that points to the new creation, a transformed life or the grace of God.  Rather, wrath is clearly marked out as the opposite of grace and mercy.  It is the very antithesis of that which God has given to us through Christ.  Nothing could be further from the Christ like life than a life of wrath.  We cannot tolerate the evil of wrath in our lives.  It is a wretched expression of our wicked hearts.   We must allow the Holy Spirit of God to be changing our hearts.  We must give way to the working of the Word in us, allowing it to produce a gentleness and patience.  Let all wrath be put away from you.  Let God work His wrath on sin, trusting Him to righteously revenge all wrong that has been done.


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