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280,000 and still counting

June 9, 2010

Our little Outback passed the 280,000 mile mark in southern Illinois, on our way back to Michigan from Tennessee.  As you can see, Illinois is a pretty boring state. I would like to say the last five thousand miles have been smooth and uneventful, but unfortunately the car has started to struggle.  Shortly after getting into Tennessee I managed to back the car against a metal post, tearing up the rear fender some and blowing a tire.  That damage was merely cosmetic and was soon patched up in  my own inimitable fashion.   Around the same time the Subaru began to have troubles downshifting, and on the winding, hilly roads, downshifting is kind of important.  I changed the transmission fluid, replaced the filter and poured in some transmission treatment.  That helped smooth things out, but didn’t completely alleviate the troubles.  A couple weeks ago I noticed a vibration at odd times when accelerating.  After doing some trouble shooting, it seems that the clutch is slipping.  As a result, the transmission is going to need replacing.  At this point, the other age related problems with the car make it unprofitable to pour that amount of money into a repair.  I am afraid the Subaru’s days are numbered.    Lest this sound like a long complaint, we are very grateful the Lord has blessed with that vehicle as He has.  There have been many times I have felt a little like the children of Israel walking in the wilderness without their shoes wearing out.  He has protected us and guided us throughout our journeys, and we have had no major mechanical problems that have left us stranded.  Even returning to the North, with a car grossly overloaded and an unhappy transmission, we had no breakdowns on the trip.  I did have to drive slower than I prefer, but I guess that is a small, endurable trial.  God has been and continues to be faithful in enabling us to accomplish the ministry He has put us into.  We will continue to drive the Subaru as long as we can and are looking forward to seeing God’s provision when we replace it.


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