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Camp Week 1

June 26, 2010

Tomorrow afternoon, after the services in Hancock, I head off to Lake Ellen Camp for a “Week to Remember.”  The kids will mostly be elementary age, so it should be an exciting, interesting time.  I will be teaching through the same material we are using for this year’s VBS program.  We will take a brief glimpse at the universe to see what it tells us about the character and nature of God.  Beginning with the size of the universe we will learn of the power and rule of God.  From there we will learn about His perfection, love and salvation.  The week will end with a consideration of God’s special communication to man, His Word.  Throughout the week I hope to communicate to the kids the need to believe and obey God and His Word.   Please pray for me, the camp and especially the campers, that this week will truly be memorable in their lives as a result of the decision they make for the Lord.


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