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Camp and VBS

July 26, 2010

The last several weeks have been busy.  I preached two weeks of camp at Lake Ellen Camp.  I was there one week, had a week off and then returned for the second week.  I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to speak there, the folks and the facilities are excellent.  The messages centered around the character of God as seen through His creation.  Many kids were thinking seriously about the material.  Not just the science facts, which are pretty amazing, but the truths of God.  Evolution has been so deeply ingrained in our culture, many struggle to come to grips with the idea of an entire universe created in six days solely by the all powerful God only several thousand years ago.  Several professed salvation during those two weeks, as well.  I believe God used the week to challenge kids and strengthen their faith in His Word.

Last week we were a part of Copper Country Bible Church’s VBS, “God of Wonders”.   We had a good turn out of kids, with 30 registered for the week.  I believe the daily average was in the mid-20’s.  Most of the kids were attenders in other area churches.  They were all active in learning memory verses, not just the daily verses but extra ones as well.  One boy said over 50 verse during the week.  Once again I believe the kids were strengthened in their faith, as they learned about the marvels of God’s creation and His incredible majesty.

The last month has been very busy, but there is no greater privilege than being able to teach the wonders of God.  In camp and VBS I endeavored to stress that though God’s creative acts are astounding beyond our comprehension, the work of God to save us is infinitely greater.  Our God is so wonderful and compassionate, despite our sin and rebellion He gave His Son to fully purchase our salvation and completely pay the punishment of our sin.  He is truly a God of wonders!


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