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285,000, going on 290,000

August 10, 2010

Last week we crossed another mile-stone.  Our Outback has managed to traverse another 5,000 miles since the last report.  Unfortunately, I have no enlightening image for you this time.  I was intent on other things at the time and completely failed to notice the odometer click over.   In fact, I was close to a hundred miles past the mark when I finally realized I had missed the momentous moment.  So, I will merely tell you we were on US Hwy. 35 traveling south towards Green Bay.  I believe at the time we crossed 285,000 it was a two lane stretch of highway bounded on either side with pine trees.  Which if you’re in the UP, you figured that out already.  My failure to notice the odometer and some time away last week means we are now well on our way to 290,000.  The transmission issues still remain, but I can accelerate with minimal difficulty and maintain speed with only minor hassles on large hills.  A little bit of work on the brakes and calipers (Praise the Lord I was able to free up the stiff calipers without having to pay the $400 for a new set!), a replacement tire and some basic tune up type work have kept everything still moving forward.  Once again, we praise God for His care. He not only provides for all our needs, He sustains His provision until such time as He provides for something else.


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