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God’s Forgiveness

September 6, 2010

Few things in the church today are as damaging and hindering to the work of God as the lack of forgiveness in Christians. I know of some that can tell in vivid detail, and with great indignation, of wrongs committed against them 10, 15, 20 and more years ago. I know of some that refuse to have any interaction with another believer because of some wrong done to them in previous decades. There are many who are only mildly friendly with certain believers because of some offense that has been committed. Whatever the reason for these hurt feelings and broken relationships, we must be practicing Christian forgiveness. That forgiveness is not based on our own generosity and graciousness. Real forgiveness is built on a personal reception of God’s mind boggling forgiveness.We have been forgiven a vast amount of real, awful sin. We need to be showing to others the same forgiveness we have been given, for both real and perceived offenses. The standard by which we must measure our forgiveness is God’s forgiveness for us.

God’s forgiveness is a remarkable and unique forgiveness. Setting aside the magnitude and graciousness of His forgiveness, consider some of the other features of God’s forgiveness. God’s forgiveness does not overlook or ignore the severity of sin. God’s forgiveness is founded on Christ’s complete satisfaction of Divine justice. God never treats sin trivially. God’s forgiveness is also complete. He does not partially or temporarily forgive. His forgiveness is full and eternal. God gives to us several promises as it concerns forgiveness. He promises that when we are forgiven, He will not think on our sin any more. God’s omniscience renders forgetfulness an impossibility, but God’s promise to send our sins to oblivion. He promises that He will not think on our sin any longer, but will bury it in the depths of the sea. He promises as well that He will not hold us responsible for our sin. The absolution God gives in forgiveness is total. In the eyes of God we are guiltless. He does not hold a single sin against or only forgive most of our sin. He forgives all of our sin, no longer treating us in accord with our wretched offenses. God’s forgiveness is so complete that when it is granted He treats us completely differently. He does not treat us as forgiven sinners. He does not treat us as if we are on probation or need to prove ourselves. When we are forgiven we are immediately treated as cleansed. We are immediately treated as His children and given all the blessings incumbent with that position. God’s forgiveness is vast beyond expression and it is held up to us as the definition of how we must be forgiving others.


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