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Why I am a Fundamentalist

September 20, 2010

From its inception, the term fundamentalist has taken much abuse.  Though now it is applied to other religious groups, originally fundamentalist was the title of a single group of Christians who vehemently fought against the rise of liberalism in the major American denominations in the early 20th century.  Since that time, the popular use of the word has changed.  The stereotypes associated with the word has changed.  The pejoratives implied in the word have changed.  The men and women calling themselves fundamentalist have changed and the distinguishing marks of a fundamentalist have changed.  Body Builders Ministry is an independent, Bible centered ministry.  I would place myself and this ministry firmly in the middle of fundamentalism, with no intention of giving up or changing that identification.  In this post I intend to give the major reasons I willingly accept the name fundamentalist and in future posts I will develop more fully those reasons.

First, I am a fundamentalist because I strongly affirm the historic doctrines which have since been identified as fundamentals. A few of these fundamental doctrines to which I hold are, the Deity of Christ and His virgin birth.  I am convinced God’s Word is completely accurate and without any error, was penned by men who wrote precisely what God spoke and is the authoritative and sufficient rule for the believer.  I will not deviate from the truth that God’s Word reveals God’s Son as the sinless substitute for man’s sin.  Christ is the perfect God-Man who died to pay the full penalty of man’s sin and in doing so satisfied God’s just wrath against sin.  His death was real and three days later was followed by His resurrection.  Just as He died, He rose.  The Divine Man, both flesh and spirit.  Though there are many other important doctrines to which I hold, these core principles are foundational, fundamental, to Christianity.  One cannot deny these principles and be saved.  I hold firmly to them and stand in resolute opposition against all who deny them.  This places me well within the ranks of orthodoxy, but holding to these beliefs does not by itself make me a fundamentalist.

Second, I believe the Bible clearly teaches we must separate from those who deny the core aspects of the faith.  We are commanded to have no fellowship with those whose teachings repudiate or pervert the gospel.  That separation does not end at the line of doctrine.  The Bible also teaches a need of separation from those whose actions and associations do damage to the integrity of the gospel.  So we must separate from a professing believer who accepts the fundamentals but is an adulterer.  We must separate from a professing believer who accepts the fundamentals but holds close fellowship with those who deny the gospel.  In a nutshell, a fundamentalist is one who holds firmly to the core doctrines of the gospel and inspiration and who separates from those who by their life or teaching do damage to said doctrines.  I stand without apology on both those points.

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