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Other Significant Doctrines

October 18, 2010

Closely associated with the opposition to the Bible as inspired, inerrant and infallible are two other issues.  They were both major concerns in their own right, and definitely should continue to be major concerns.  I am going to spend less time on them, since they follow logically from a denial of the inspiration of the Bible.  They are theology proper- specifically the doctrines of the Trinity-, and creation.  I want to simply state the positions upheld by the early Fundamentalists, which is also the position to which I strongly adhere.

Theology proper is the study of the Divine attributes.  It is the specific branch of study that focuses on God himself.  This is obviously a huge area of study, but the major doctrine at stake was the doctrine of the Trinity.  The early fundamentalists stringently affirmed the Bible’s teaching that God is a three in one God.  They denied the idea that God was one God who alternately took on Himself different parts.  God was not at one time the Son and another time the Father and at another time the Spirit.  God is always the Father, Son and Spirit.  His being is singular, yet in that singular being are three distinct person that are each fully and equally God.  Not surprisingly, this doctrine gives deep thinkers head trauma.  It is incomprehensible, yet clearly affirmed by the Bible.

As a result of the strong affirmation of science and reason and the diminishing of respect for the Bible, creation faced heavy opposition in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Consequently, the early fundamentalists found themselves defending the literal understanding of Genesis 1-3.  They averred that the origins of the universe are revealed in the Bible, specifically in the first part of Genesis.  That meant a rejection of a gradual formation of things through evolutionary processes.  They upheld the creation as a real event that took place by the Divine decree of God, in both the order and time frame revealed in Genesis.  God made all things in six days, He specially made Adam and Eve in His own image and rested from His creative works on the seventh day.

These two elements of Biblical doctrine are not unimportant.  Rather, they are both of great moment.  As much so now as when they were being so earnestly defended by the early fundamentalists.  They received somewhat less attention because they were recognized as springing out of the undermining of Scriptures veracity.  We cannot waiver in strongly upholding these and other sometimes difficult to explain doctrines.  We must hold tightly to what the Word teaches, no matter the opposition.

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