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Upcoming Ministry

October 28, 2010

Starting November 3rd I will begin ministry at Faith Baptist Church in Munising, MI.  Their pastor is retiring.  October 31 will be his last Sunday, and the following Wednesday I will begin ministering at the church.  A couple weeks later they will vote on calling me to be the interim pastor until they are able to find a new pastor.  Once again the Lord has worked to show His direction and guidance in our lives and ministry.  Much has happened in the last few weeks, some of it giving us ample cause to wonder where the Lord was leading and how He was going to provide for us.  His timing is always perfect and His provision is always sufficient.  He has shown that to us once again, and we rejoice in Him for His faithfulness.

Please keep Faith Baptist Church in prayer as they enter this major transition in the ministry.  Specifically, pray for the Lord’s leading in the pastor search and unity within the church throughout the process.  Pray the church will not flounder or stagnate during this time, but will continue to move forward and increase throughout these changes in  leadership.  Please pray for us, that the Lord will give wisdom and insight into the ministry that we may best be able to serve that church.


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