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A Son is Given

December 13, 2010

In Isaiah 9:6 we learn not only was a child born, a Son was given.  Christ was not only a man born in a miraculous way.  Christ is the son of God.  This is more than just a poetic way of talking about the importance of Christ.  This is a literal expression of the greatest of truths.  The Jews recognized that the phrase “Son of God” meant God himself in the flesh of a man.  John 5:18 gives some insight into this, “The Jews sought the more to kill him, (because He) said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God.”  Christ was and is God.  That is why Christ could tell Phillip that any who had seen Him had seen the Father.  We have reason to rejoice in this season because Christ did not consider His equality with the Father was something to be held onto at all costs.  He was willing to be made a man, as the gift of God for us.  It is common today for families to max out their credit cards, and put themselves in further debt to buy presents for the kids.  Some people make great personal sacrifices to be able to give Christmas presents to those that they love.  Yet there is no gift that can compare to the wonderful gift that God has given to us in His Son.  This gift included Christ’s humbling of Himself, it included Christ’s suffering and dying.  This gift also included the grace of salvation, the mercy of propitiation, the love of reconciliation, the promise of sanctification, the hope of heaven and the earnest of the Holy Spirit.  What a wonderful gift that God has given to us in Christ.  He gave to us the opportunity to fellowship with Him.  He restored to us the privilege of walking and talking with Him.  God gave us the gift of an abundant life, of a joyful life, a peaceful life, a fulfilled life, a complete life.  We have all these things only through salvation.  God gave to us the chance to be His servants, to go and do His work, to depend on His power, to see Him working daily in our lives, to see His hand supply, to know His constant presence with us, to experience the miraculous in the most mundane of duties.  He gave to us the chance to earn rewards in heaven, to pass things on to eternity, to one day kneel at His feet and glorify Him as we return our rewards to Him.  What an awesome gift that God has given to us!  He has given to us His Son.


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