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January 24, 2011

Why spend so much time writing about aberrant fundamentalism? That question demands an answer, especially to aid in understanding the purpose of this entire series of articles and the goals I have in mind.  I spend so much time, and will spend more, writing about aberrations within the fundamentalist movement because right now fundamentalism is characterized by its aberration.  I am not referring to the caricatures and stereotypes of those outside fundamentalism.  I am talking about the widespread nature of bad theology and wrong practices within the midst of fundamentalism that have become some so prevalent they describe who we are as  fundamentalists, even for those who do not practice those errors.  I know there are many who are working to hold themselves to a Biblical fundamentalism.  I know there are many who are seeking to move their particular sphere of influence into a Biblical fundamentalism.  Those many are still a minorityI want to join that choir of voices to encourage us as fundamentalists to get back to where we need to be.  I want to encourage those who have been hurt by the abuses within aberrant fundamentalism to not give up and not bail out.  I want to attempt to show a Biblical perspective that will stand firmly on the gospel, not compromising it in any way, while not ostracizing and denigrating those who disagree with me on matters of less weight.  I want to show that we can be civil to those who are really not enemies of the gospels, while contending earnestly against those who twist the salvation truths of God.

Why call it aberrant?  I call it aberrant because that is what it.  Though it makes up the largest section of fundamentalism, it’s majority does not make it right or even normal.  At this point, the counterfeits appear to outweigh the reality.  So large a section of those who claim the title fundamentalist has left what is true and right it has become difficult to discern what is genuine and Biblical fundamentalism.  I call it aberrant because it has turned aside from the early core principles that formed and defined the fundamentalist movement.  I call it aberrant to remind us that it is not the true and right and historic.  I call it aberrant to provoke us to desire that which is genuinely built on Biblical principles.

Why bother?  My goal is not to change the minds and hearts of major fundamentalist leaders.  I doubt they even know this series of articles exists.  The point is to reveal the errors that we may as individuals, whether pastors or deacons or members, learn from them and correct our own ways.  I would be thrilled to see created a new majority within fundamentalism that is committed to the historic principles and the clear teachings of the Word while rejecting the abuses of the last 40 years.

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