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Rob Bell

March 28, 2011

Just using Rob Bell’s name as the title of this article has probably quintupled my hits for this week (jumping the count all the way up to ten).  I don’t often write about current religious events, but the release of Bell’s latest book Love Wins, and the immense amount of attention it has received, coincides well with our consideration of separation from professing believers who preach a false gospel.  This article is the first of several in an attempt to put real world application to the ideas and concepts I have been writing about.  To put this very clear and simple, Galatians 1:8-9 and 2 John 1:10-11 both apply precisely to Rob Bell.  Our response to him must be complete and total separation as a preacher of a false gospel.  Don’t buy his books, don’t visit his church to see what the hype is all about, don’t sign up for any mailing lists he may have.  Have absolutely nothing to do with him.   Rob Bell is not a friend of Christianity and should not be treated as anything less than an enemy of the cross.

Since there may be quite a few who are not familiar with Bell and his theology, let me give a quick overview.  Rob Bell has been a key leader in the emerging church movement, seeking to rework and rethink church to make it more understandable and acceptable for the postmodern mindset of our culture.  My first introduction to Bell was several years ago when someone gave me a copy of his book Velvet Elvis.  I didn’t make it much past the first chapter, but that was enough.  In that chapter, he discussed Christian doctrine.  He described doctrine as a wall, made up of many bricks.  One could safely remove a particular brick from that wall without tearing down the wall itself.  For the sake of illustration, he used the virgin birth of Christ.   His assertion in the illustration was that one could remove the virgin birth of Christ from Christian doctrine and not destroy Christianity itself.  For the record, Bell went on to affirm that he was not personally trying to remove the virgin birth and he did not deny the virgin birth, he was just using that particular truth as an example.  Bell’s most recent work deals with the doctrine of hell.  Again, I managed to read the first chapter.  I also read several interviews and informational releases from Bell leading up to the official launch of his book.  Rob Bell spends a lot of time asking questions.  Superb questions.  Thought provoking questions.  Questions that will cause one to doubt the plain truths of the Word of God, a la the serpent in Genesis 3.  After asking lots of questions, Bell sort of offers his view of hell and God.  To put it succinctly, Bell attempts to promote in that book a god who only sends to hell the people who really, really, really want to go there.  The end result is a theology that promises the hope of heaven nearly everyone, even those who have never come to Christ for forgiveness of their sin.

I could say more, but these two short points should make abundantly clear to us that Rob Bell is not preaching the gospel of the Bible.  Rob Bell apparently has no love for the truths of God and no stomach for clearly proclaiming God’s glorious gospel.  Despite his profession, we cannot treat him as a brother in Christ.  We cannot treat him as a good minister of truth.  We must treat him as one who is accursed, not giving him the least support in his efforts lest we be party to his evil deeds.

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