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We’re Still Here

May 23, 2011

I had originally written off the whole Camping affair as a whole bunch of nonsense that no right thinking individual would bother noticing.  Unfortunately, the media decided to pick up the story and use it to make a mockery of Christianity.  (Which doesn’t necessarily disprove my first sentence.)  What is the fundamentalists response to the whole thing?  Or, at least, what is this fundamentalists response?

Camping is a liar.  Well intentioned, he might be, but he is a deceiver none the less.  To arrive at his conclusion, Camping had to disregard the plain reading of the Bible and replace it with an interpretation of his own devising.  The great error of Camping is not in getting the date of the rapture, or the end of the world, or judgment day, or whatever title he has on it, wrong.  The great error of Camping is replacing the truth of the Bible with his own ideas.  His actions scream that he does not love God’s Word, that He does not believe it is sufficient and that God does not really mean what He says.  How do we respond to such drivel as Camping has been dribbling?  Absolute and utter rejection.  We denounce it as the Bible denying filth it is.  We point it out as a doctrine of devils and Camping as a servant of Satan.  Strong words, I know, but what is at stake is the integrity of Scriptures.  What has been undermined is not just Camping’s standing or influence, but the reliability of the Word of God.  The world has looked at Camping’s treatment of the Bible and assumed that many others who profess Christ treat the Bible in a similarly ridiculous fashion.

If we fail to clearly denounce this kind of perverting of God’s Word, we leave ourselves open to the attacks and jeers of the world.  We give them ample cause to lump us in with the Bible denying fruit loops.  We need to make plain that we are not part of that.  Not just because he guessed wrong on the date, but because he rejected the truth of God’s Word and tried to usurp it with human formulations.  This is treachery of the worst kind and it must not go unnoticed.   As we have conversations with the unsaved community about this debacle, we need to make very plain that what Camping teaches is not in the Word of God.  What the Bible teaches is that Christ will return, but we do not know when that will be.  What the Bible teaches is that we must ready ourselves for His return, not by selling all our stuff, but first by being saved and then by walking in holiness and obedience.  We need to make clear to others that Camping rejected the plain truths of the Bible for his own ideas.  We need to make clear that Camping’s followers were deceived because they refused to believe God’s Word.  We need to make clear that the error of Camping and his followers is the error of every unsaved person and the consequences of that error are extremely grievous.  Losing face or going broke are not near as severe as suffering in eternal torment because of not believing God’s Word.  We need to stand firmly against the error of Camping so we may be able to give the truth of God.  When you get down to it, Camping’s not that different from the throngs of unsaved that surround us, and the only possibility of hope for any of them is a clear presentation of the truth.


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