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Buy Back 2012

January 2, 2012

In Ephesians 4-6 Paul teaches believers what a life of putting on Christlikeness looks like. The first half of chapter five is taken up with a comparison between the wicked practices of the culture of Ephesus and the Christlike habits that should characterize believers. Of particular interest at this time of year is the instruction in verse 16, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” The command to redeem the time is an explanation and application of the command in verse 15 to walk wisely, not foolishly, in this dark world.

This world, in all its natural sinfulness, has taught men to use the time of their life for their own pursuit, their own pleasure and their own personal satisfaction.  The mantra of pop singers, pop psychologists and popular television is to be whoever you want to be and never let anyone stop you from being you.  The command of Scriptures is far different.  God’s Word teaches the believer is to die to self and put aside self will.  The believer is to be like Christ, not like himself. Redeeming the time is taking this life which has been given to you by God and buying it back, out of the wickedness, selfishness and wordliness of this culture.  Redeeming the time is living this life for Divine purposes in accord with Divine commands.

The time referenced here is not hours and minutes.  Paul is not saying, “Redeem 12 o’clock, redeem 1 o’clock.  Instead, time refers to a season, a short opportunity that is before one. Paul is commanding believers take the season that lies before them and make the most of it.  Not to make the most of it for personal use, that’s what the world does, but to take the season of life that is before us, and make the most of it for the glory of God.  Paul wrote the Ephesian letter to teach believers that they were redeemed according to the eternal purpose and plan of God so that through them He would be glorified in this world, in the heavenly places and for all eternity.  We have been given this season before us so that through us God will be glorified.

As we look at the new year before us, we look ahead at another season of our life.  That season is an opportunity to bring God glory.  Do not waste it. Do not squander it as the prodigal son did his father’s wealth.  Do not bury it as the unfaithful servant did his masters money.  Use it, redeem it as a faithful steward for the glory of God.


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