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Further Thoughts on Fundamentalism

January 30, 2012

Over the past year I have attempted to lay a basic foundation for understanding Biblical fundamentalism. A right foundation is essential for correctly viewing and assessing modern day fundamentalism. In the months ahead I want to consider bits of fundamentalism’s philosophy and methodology and what can be done to return to a right application of Biblical truths in the American culture of the 21st century.

I remain committed to the idea and to the movement of fundamentalism. Though I am deeply troubled by many things currently happening in fundamentalist circles, fundamentalism is well worth preserving. In its original inception, fundamentalism was a commitment to sound Biblical doctrine and to steadfast obedience to Biblical commands. We need a revival of that kind of fundamentalism. I am afraid that much of the fundamentalism of today has lost it’s commitment to sound Biblical doctrine. While many still maintain the right doctrinal statements, I’m afraid many have allowed subtle errors to creep into their preaching and ministries. Frustratingly enough, on the other side of the coin it often seems as if those who genuinely maintain a strong commitment to sound doctrine have lessened their willingness to practice Biblical separation.

We need a revival of fundamentalism that preaches robust doctrine and practices robust separation. We need a revival of fundamentalism that is not concerned about gaining influence with camps, circles or leaders but is concerned about faithfulness to the Word. We need a revival of fundamentalism that is going to speak the truth in love. We do not need a more relevant fundamentalism. We do not need a more contemporary fundamentalism. We desperately need a more Biblical fundamentalism. Because of that great need, I have chosen to write these articles. Because of that great need, in the months ahead I will be addressing issues and situations within fundamentalism in hopes of presenting a solidly Biblically position.


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