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A True Preacher

February 12, 2012

“Some dear church people, even in our day, do not know the Gospel when they hear it. When a minister comes to a church for revival services, if he is a master teller of sob-stories, causing people to weep or to clap their hands and shout, some think that they have had a great revival. Another minister may come, preaching only the pure Word of God, lifting up the blood-stained banner, delivering pure Gospel from the minute he steps into the pulpit until the last ‘Amen’- and these same church members never shed a tear when he proclaims the crucifixion of Jesus and pictures the horrible treatment He received at the hands of His enemies! They do not call this Godly man a great preacher, but one who can make people laugh or cry is an outstanding minister in their catalog.”

– Oliver B. Greene


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