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Beginning Ministry at MBC

February 27, 2012

Sunday I began filling the pulpit at Manistique Bible Church. Since the resignation of their pastor the church has had a few different men preaching for them. They have been blessed to have men available for lengthier stretches of time, and I am able to step in immediately after several weeks of ministry by Evangelist Keven Brownfield.

I will be preaching each Sunday until sometime in early June, at which point I will be starting the summer VBS schedule. While in Manistique I plan on preaching through the letters to the seven churches in Revelation, learning from Christ what is necessary to be an overcoming church. Aside from preaching, I will carry a few other responsibilities in the church, including doing some visitation and offering advice to the pulpit committee. I will not be serving in a pastoral role, but as a helper alongside the work.

The last several months have been challenging for the church. Those who have filled the pulpit have already done much to help heal and strengthen the flock. My desire is to further strengthen Manistique Bible Church that they may come to a common vision, for a common purpose in a common obedience that they may stand and overcome together.


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