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Displaying Your Fundamentalism

March 5, 2012

This post was originally a two parter, beginning with “Bad ways to proclaim you’re a fundamentalist”. As I typed them I pondered the Sunday School lessons on Christlike communication that I am currently teaching. I have been forced to conclude that though they might have been amusing, the list of bad ways would not have been kind and profitable. So I give you the second half of the original article. Below are some suggestions of excellent ways to reveal to the world that you are a fundamentalist:

  • Practice an uncompromising commitment to the sufficiency of the Word of God for every area of life.
  • Faithfully and continually proclaim of the gospel, publicly and privately.
  • Read and study your Bible daily. Meditate on the Word continually.
  • Preach the Word of God. Don’t high from a text into your opinions. Don’t use the text as launching pad for your great outline. Read the Word. Explain the Word. Apply the Word. Preach the Word.
  • Clearly and frequently articulate why Jesus is the Son of God, God made flesh, Who purchased the only means of forgiveness for all men.
  • Imitate Christ. Constantly, compellingly and carefully.
  • Fight for the gospel.
  • Fight for the perfection, authority and sufficiency of the Word.
  • Fight for the Deity, perfection and sacrifice of Christ.
  • Fight for the truths of salvation.
  • Remain gracious and kind as you fight for the fundamental truths.
  • Separate over doctrine.
  • Offer clear Biblical explanations for your separation.
  • Allow your separation practices to be challenged and changed by the Word.
  • Never forget those you are separating from are either brethren in need of repentance or condemned in need of salvation.
  • Unapologetically proclaim God’s Word as authoritative for all men at all time in all places.
  • Unapologetically live under the absolute authority of God’s Word at all times in all situations with all men.

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