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Ministry Update

May 7, 2012

This month we are not going to be sending out a newsletter, so I am posting a brief ministry update here. We continue to serve at Manistique Bible Church. We plan to be there through the end of June, unless the Lord provides the church a pastor before then. Manistique Bible continues to move forward in their pastor search. They are currently talking with a man with the desire to have him come candidate. Please pray for that ministry as they seek for God’s man for them.

One of the most enjoyable things about ministry is getting to watch people grow in Christ. Coming back to a place I had previously ministered is very interesting. Besides seeing all the kids at the church are twice as tall as I remembered them, there are also several folks who have noticeably grown in the Lord since we last saw them. Others have been saved and added to the church. I have been rejoicing over these who are making clear strides in the things of the Lord. A deep hunger for the Word of God, a desire to learn more of God’s truth and a readiness to serve are all great signs of God’s working in hearts. It is exciting to watch and have a part in what God is doing. Thank God for His working in hearts!


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