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Trust and Obey

June 11, 2012

Imagine you hear a voice from God giving you special instructions. He speaks out of heaven and says, “30 years from now I am going to send a massive meson storm that is going to cause overwhelming radiation contamination and destroy the entire planet. I have chosen you and your family to be saved from that destruction. You must build a solar vessel to escape the destruction. Here’s what it’s gonna look like.” How do you think you would respond? Do you start building the vessel? Does your mind start trying to figure out the command before you start obeying?

The command makes a little bit of sense. The destroy the planet part is pretty plain. But what are those other two things? The things that are going to actually do the destruction. Meson storm doesn’t sound like anything we’ve had on earth before. And what’s this vessel gonna actually do? If the whole planet is going to be destroyed, how’s this thing going to work? Is it going to fly out of the atmosphere? Is it going to form a hard protective shell? Is it going to phase into another dimension while the bad stuff is going on here? How’s it going to do anything? What power source is it going to have? How am I going to live in it? How long am I going to have to live in it? What happens when the earth is destroyed, what then? Do I go find another planet? The questions are nearly endless. Added to that is the long delay. 30 years? What happens 5 years into the project, when you’re in the middle of building this strange vessel, and no one is seeing any signs of a meson storm? What about when all the science of the world is screaming that a meson storm isn’t possible, and even if it were it wouldn’t destroy the whole earth? What about 15 years in when things don’t look any more likely to suddenly be destroyed? How long do you keep doing this?

We read the Bible accounts of men of great faith and we already know the ending. We don’t have any of those normal human questions in our mind because we already know how it’s going to work out. Not so the men and women in the Bible. They were given not given any special insight into the details of how things were going to work out. They were commanded, they obeyed and they trusted God to work out the details. That is faith- obedience to God when you have no idea how it’s actually going to work out. That is what Abel did, offering a blood sacrifice because it was required. That is what Abraham did, leaving home to go somewhere but not knowing where. That is what Noah did. He’d never seen or heard of rain. He’d never seen a flood. He didn’t even have the advantage of movies telling him what kind of awful things could happen to the earth if they didn’t stop polluting the environment and if they didn’t figure out a way to control the methane emissions from domesticated Allosaurus. He had nothing but what God told him, and he had to wait 120 years with no sign of rain on the forecast! There was no slow increase in probability. There was nothing but blue skies and sunny days. Then God tells them to get in the Ark. Now Noah is sitting locked inside this massive boat, for a week. There’s no wait until it starts to sprinkle and then hurry in. Nope, wait inside the ark for a week while the sun shines, the bird chirps and the world continues on as normal. What Noah has done is the craziest, stupidest, most nonsensical thing that anyone could. He has no data, he has no proof, he has no clear plan, he has no real idea what’s going to happen. He just obeyed. He had faith, trusting that God knows what He is talking about. He had faith, obeying God’s instructions in the face of all the contrary evidence.

What about you? We don’t have voices from God now. We have His Word. We are given instructions that sometimes don’t make any sense to us and definitely don’t make any sense to the world around us. Many times we are operating on limited information with no idea what’s going to actually happen or how it’s all going to work out. We must not wait until it all makes sense. We must not wait until the rain drops show us the need of obedience. We must trust God enough to obey Him. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”


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