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Manistique Bible Church

June 18, 2012

Sunday I presented to Manistique Bible Church the outline of a plan of action for that congregation centered around the theme of Renew, Restore and Revive. During the morning service I presented the plan and in the afternoon service I answered questions from the congregation. The plan involves an extensive church restructuring that I expect to take two to three years. It involves  a major overhaul of the church constitution, a recommitment of the membership and a significant change in the function of church leadership. The goal is to bring things back to a Biblical foundation and to strengthen the Biblical foundation they do have. My burden for this process is to lead the church through an intensive time of retraining that will result in a clear vision for that local body around which all its members will be gathered in unity. Specifically, that Manistique Bible Church will be a church that truly values God supremely and shows His infinite worth to the world around. To accomplish that greatest task of glorifying God they will be radically obedient to the Word, relating to one another in a way that genuinely builds each member up into Christlikenes and proclaiming the message of the gospel to the unsaved. This coming Sunday the church will be voting on extending a call to me to become the interim pastor and lead them through these changes. Please pray earnestly for the church this week as they pray and seek God’s will in this matter.

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