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Back in Manistique

August 21, 2012

Last week the family and I headed south to see grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The trip was very refreshing, a nice break for us before stepping into the school year and the tasks at Manistique Bible Church. Now we’re back in Manistique and are settling down at the church for a while. The month of July has been a profitable month at the church. Even though we were away a lot with Vacation Bible School’s, I was able to lay some basic groundwork and get some things started moving in the right direction. We are just getting the ball rolling, but so far things have gone smoothly. I believe God has been working in the church and in individual lives to prepare them for the changes ahead.

One of the first changes we are working on is the understanding and function of the deacons. As is common in a lot of Baptist churches, the deacons have served as a governing body, requiring the pastor to seek deacon approval of most decisions before proposing them to the congregation at large. We are moving away from that mode of operation to one which more closely aligns with the Biblically revealed function of the deacons within the church. I rejoice that God has already in place men who are not seeking power or authority in the church but are willing to act according to the Biblical pattern. This week the church is having a regular business meeting, in which it will be electing a new deacon and I’ll begin to help the church work through how to best apply the Biblical pattern in Manistique Bible Church. As with all we’re doing I am not expecting this to be a quick change, but one in which we together reach a Biblical, God glorifying conclusion.

I am also beginning 22 week exposition through Psalm 119 during the Sunday morning service. Psalm 119 is David’s expression of a life long devotion to and passion for the Word of God. As I have been studying and preparing for this series I have been incredibly blessed and challenged by David’s understanding of God’s Word. In introducing the series to the church, I told them two propositions that I want them to learn from this study. God’s Word is delightful. God’s Word is to be obeyed. The blessings and fruit of a passionate obedience to Scriptures are beyond description. Please pray with me that the church will learn to love and follow God’s Word, without compromise and without neglect.


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