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Complete in Him!

November 10, 2014

helping handAt the end of Mark 7, Mark tells of an event that no other gospel writer mentions. Jesus is besieged by a crowd of thousands, all clamoring for His attention. He healed many that day, but Mark describes the healing of only one man. Jesus draws away from the crowd a man who was deaf and troubled by a speech impediment. Jesus pantomimed what He was going to do and then commanded, “Be opened”. The ears which were closed were opened at Jesus command. The speech which was hindered was loosed at Jesus’ command. This miracle highlights the fulness of Jesus’ healing. As in other healings, Jesus’ work in this man went far beyond just giving him the ability to hear. Jesus restored the deaf man’s hearing and removed the speech impediment. The ability to speak clearly is closely connected with the ability to hear clearly. The man’s speech impediment was more than likely a result of having never heard clearly. It was a learned behavior. At Jesus command, the man’s hearing and speech were corrected. Jesus did not just heal the man and leave him able to begin speech therapy. With a command, Jesus corrected the disease and the effects of that disease in the man’s life.

The perfection of Jesus’ healing beautifully illustrates the perfection of Jesus’ salvation. This is illustrated time and time again as Jesus fully healed all manner of diseases. At His command the lame, paralyzed and weakened were given full strength and mobility. The broken nerves and shriveled tendons were healed, but not just so the diseased could begin therapy to strengthen atrophied muscles and learn to operate unused limbs. No! The lame leapt, though they had never learned to walk! The mute spoke, though they had never learned to speak! The paralyzed walked and worked, though they had never used their muscles before! Jesus healing was always perfect and full. He left nothing lacking. Jesus complete and perfect work was not true only of the way He healed, it is always true of the work He does in all men at salvation. The work of forgiveness and cleansing is complete. When Jesus saves, He does not leave some little part left undone for the Christian to do Himself. Jesus does not give the power to start down the right road. He doesn’t waken the heart so one can then cooperate with God’s grace and bring himself to a state of righteousness. Christ does all things well, leaving no necessary part of salvation undone. As Paul declares in Colossians 2, the old man is put to death, all guilt and offense is put away, all our foes of sin, death and bondage are put down and all the penalty of sin is put on Him. The praise of the multitudes in Mark 7 should be the continual praise of the believer. “He hath done all things well” (Mark 737) because, “you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.”(Colossians 1:10)


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