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Another “Lost Gospel” Discovered!

November 13, 2014

spurious parchmentSomeone else has taken the trouble to look into a old, dusty, half forgotten manuscript and discovered new proof that Jesus wasn’t really the Son of God. He was in fact married to Mary Magdalene and they had two sons. According to the authors of a new book, their study of a text bought from the British museum (who purchased the manuscript in 1847 from a dealer who claimed to have bought it from a monastery in Egypt) led them to discover exciting new facts about Jesus from a source previously believed to be unremarkable. According to the authors they were able to “decode the basic symbolism” of the text and confirm that Jesus was married, that Mary Magdalene was a Gentile priestess, they had two sons together, Jesus had powerful political connections in Rome and the church of Mary Magdalene existed before Paul preached Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. Apparently all these facts are not to be found in a surface reading of the text but are discovered by decoding the original Syriac. Of course, these groundbreaking truths are only now coming to light because the Roman Emperor Constantine determined to cover up all evidence of Jesus’ marriage and thus had all gospels except the four found in the Bible destroyed.

What will come of this breakthrough information? First, since it is not a fiction novel about mysteries and treasure hunters who discover a great conspiracy in the Roman Catholic Church, it will be largely ignored. Second, those who already refuse to believe Jesus is God will continue to reject His Deity, but may bring the book up as another proof that the Bible is a collection of fairy tales written by men long after Jesus died. Third, those who already believe Jesus is God will continue to remain convinced of His Deity. Last, the book and its authors will be shown to be yet another fraud based upon a biased misreading of a forgery. This last event will be even more widely ignored than the publishing of the book. I am not going to bother critiquing such obvious nonsense as the supposed facts discovered by the supposed scholars. Tripe such as this has no impact on genuine faith and adds nothing to the conversation for those who are genuine in their search for honest answers. It is sensational pablum that stirs a few headlines and makes a few skeptics happy.

Since some will latch onto this as validation of their unbelief, it is worthwhile to consider an appropriate response to the never ending claims that Jesus was married and Christianity tried to cover it up. These claims are aimed directly at the heart of the gospel. If the Jesus presented in the Bible is not the Jesus of history, then Jesus is not God and He cannot be Savior. If Jesus led a religious movement with Mary Magdalene as a chief figure, then Christianity as we know it today is a fraud. These claims, though based on ridiculous evidence and spurious scholarship, are attempts to undermine the foundation of Biblical Christianity. They are no joke. So, if you present the gospel to a skeptic and he brings up this latest expose of the conspiracy behind the development of Christianity there are several responses to consider. You could laugh out loud at the irony of a man who berates Christianity for its credulity and is himself being duped by lies so obvious that they are not even believed by people who email their bank account information to Nigerian princes. Or you could attempt to engage the person with genuine facts. You could enter into dialogue with him falsely assuming that you are entering into an honest debate and that facts, evidence and rational thinking will persuade the listener out of his skepticism. Or you could recognize that the skepticism is a smokescreen to disguise the fact that the skeptic refuses to believe the truths of the gospel. With that realization, the only hope for the skeptic is the conviction of the Holy Spirit through the truths of Scripture. Present the Biblical truths of Jesus’ claims and let the skeptic accept or reject them according to his readiness to believe the Word of God. Present the truth with confidence that the gospel is the power of God to salvation. The Word of God is a hammer, a fire and a piercing sword. The Bible will peel back the skeptic’s facade and reveal his sin and unbelief. These kinds of “breakthrough discoveries” have no real impact on truth. Since the Word of God is eternal, timeless and powerful, the folly of a few scholars will do nothing to hinder the working of the Holy Spirit in hearts through His Word. Let the hyena’s laugh, the lion is still king.


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