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Thank God!

November 26, 2014

“Come behold the works of God.”
Psalm 46:8

I thank God that He saw fit to cause the formation of this nation. America has and continues to stand unique among the nations in the history of the world. No nation before America succeeded in providing religious and personal liberty to the general population. While the history of America is far from perfect, as a nation we have done many things right. Most nobly we have given freely of our resources and our own lives to purchase freedom around the world. We were not content to have freedom for ourselves, but were willing to venture our own lives and wealth for the freedom of others. These noble sacrifices have aided the spread of liberty and have hindered the spread of tyranny, slavery and genocide. Our founding fathers recognized true liberty as something worth dying for. Generations of Americans have shared that view as time and again they journeyed to foreign lands to offer their lives on the altar of freedom. We have held the rights of the individual to be as great as the rights of the state. We have held the protection of the innocent to be a great privilege and duty. We have sought after equal opportunity and held to equal responsibility for all. Though we have at times failed in those endeavors and though we have drifted from those ideals, America is strengthened because of her efforts. We have many reasons to give thanks to God for America. The book of James tells us, “Every good gift and every perfect gift cometh down from above.” All the good things we have in this nation are from God. We do well to remember this week the health, wealth, comfort and ability that we have in America. We do well to remember to give thanks to God, honoring Him for His gracious gifts to us. So with that in mind I want to share a few reasons why I thank God for America.

I thank God because:

  • The public preaching of God’s Word in America has been almost universally protected.
  • The gospel has gone back and forth across this nation, leaving very few areas without knowledge of salvation
  • America’s freedom has allowed churches and missionaries to send the gospel all across the world
  • America’s freedom has allowed the increase of Biblical education and the ability for Godly men and women to delve deeper and deeper into Biblical truth
  • America has been involved in printing and distributing millions of copies of the Bible around the world
  • In America I am able to obey the commands of God without fear of imprisonment or violent persecution.
  • Though no Christian denomination has ever been the official religion of America, Christianity has had a profound impact on the morals and philosophy of much of America.
  • In America I can live a quiet and peacable life in Godliness and honesty proclaiming the gospel to all who will listen

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