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Hindrances to Service

December 4, 2014

As a follow up to a post from a couple weeks ago, I offer to you a list of mindsets that many people bring into church with them (sometimes quite unconsciously) that are contrary to a servants mindset. Without further ado, here it is in all its alliterated ignominy:

  • A shopper mentality: I should get what I want out of church because I am the customer
  •  A self-centered mentality: I am only here to be blessed and edified
  • A superficial mentality: I am here to receive an emotional/personal/spiritual uplift
  • A satisfaction mentality: church should be a place that makes me feel good and at ease not uncomfortable or that expects me to work
  • A spectacle mentality: I am here to watch, be entertained and enjoy the experience, not invest and labor
  • A sentimental mentality: church is a traditional experience of devotion that soothes my conscious
  • A self righteous mentality: Because I go to church everything is alright between me and God
  • A segregationist mentality: Church is a place for me to find other people like me who I can become better friends with
  • A social club mentality: church is a place where I interact with other good people in the community and build bridges to develop civic influence and improve our community
  • A small group mentality: I don’t really want any more people in the church, especially those not like me
  • A sufferers mentality: I have been hurt in the past by serving others before and I don’t want to be hurt again
  • A spiritually weak mentality: I have not spent any time in the Word and prayer during the week, and have no spiritual “overflow” from which to minister to others
  • A stupid mentality: I did not come to church to learn and apply God’s Word
  • An sophomoric mentality: I don’t know if I should be serving, where to serve or what to do
  • A shortsighted mentality: I am not looking for the needs of others or the church, nor am I am looking for ways to meet those needs
  • A senseless mentality: I have completely ignored the huge list of one anothers in the New Testament that command me to serve the church body

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