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They Get Everything Wrong

December 12, 2014

Blind LuckA few weeks ago I made the mistake of watching the movie “Son of God.” I watched the Bible miniseries when it came out on TV and my television barely survived the ordeal. Instead of lobbing projectiles at the innocent electronic device, I had to be satisfied with hurling invectives at the offending producers and writers of such a horribly wrong treatment of God’s Word. Not realizing that the Son of God was just a highlight reel from the miniseries, I sat down and watched the movie. It was as bad as the series, but I should not have been surprised. When the spiritually blinded try to understand and communicate the truth’s of God’s Word they are not going to do so accurately. They have no ability to discuss spiritual realities because they have no ability to understand spiritual realities.

Before I get to the big problem of the movie, I feel the need to list a few other complaints. In the movie, every miracle and speech given by Jesus is a performance. Every. Single. One. The producers didn’t give Jesus a glowing halo, but they might as well. Every word and action was melodramatic. Contrary to the depiction of Him in the movie, Jesus did not say everything in poignant whispers. When Jesus fed the five thousand, He did not lift the empty baskets up to heaven to have them dramatically filled. He simply broke the bread and passed it out. His life was not one of great drama and pathos, but one of great normalcy. Jesus did not attract crowds because of His compelling speeches, dramatic antics or beatific glow. Crowds flocked to Him because of the message He preached, He is the Messiah, and the miracles He worked.

Mary Magdalene was not the token woman amongst the twelve. She did not begin following Jesus around in Capernaum sometime soon after He called Peter. She was not with Him when He fed the thousands on the hillside. She was not with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. Why is she there? What possible purpose does she serve in those scenes? Of all the additions in the movie, this one troubles me the most. I cannot help but think there is some nefarious motivation for the insistence on including her as a disciple. We have no Biblical evidence she traveled with Him at all. Ninety percent of Mary’s performance was pure speculation.

What possible purpose is served in distorting the order of events? How is Jesus standing in the tomb telling Lazarus “I am the resurrection and the life” better for the movie than Jesus standing with Mary outside the city comforting her sorrow with His person. This chronological disorder may not be from any intention to change the message of the Bible, yet to rightly understand the Word of God each passage must be considered in its context. The Bible is never just a collection of stories from which we can mix and match inspirational quotes at our leisure for our own purposes.

The greatest problem of the movie is the distortion of the gospel. All these minor things pile up and when added together with willful misrepresentations of clear Biblical passages, the movie presents a particularly distorted gospel. Christianity is not a cause. Christianity is not an effort to change the world. Jesus did not call Peter, or any of the other disciples, to change the world. He called them to preach the gospel of His deity and His salvation. The message of Jesus was not one of inspiration and hope, it was of repentance and redemption. The gospel is never about making a better world or people having a better life. The gospel is always about guilty rebels being forgiven and reconciled to God through the gracious work of God’s Son. Changing the gospel is not to be countenanced by any disciple of Jesus.

The Word of God is not to be trifled with. Random changes to the events in Jesus’ life are not trivial. The truths of the Bible are the inspired Word of God. We do not get to change them for any artistic purpose. The unsaved will never understand the Bible is not a story written for entertainment, nor a collection of tales written for moral instruction. The Bible is the Word of God given to teach men of salvation. The Bible is the instrument by which men are brought to salvation and believers are taught to live Godly lives. Fool around with the Bible and you fool around with salvation. Present a distorted view of Jesus, misrepresent Scriptures and you pervert the gospel.

The unsaved cannot possibly present an accurate presentation of the Bible because the unsaved do not understand the Bible. The blind cannot give an accurate dissertation on Picasso’s use of color and the spiritually blind cannot give an accurate interpretation of the Bible. When the unsaved attempt to explain the Word of God one thing will always happen. They will get everything wrong.


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