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Some tips to serve

December 18, 2014

Here to serveThis is the final of a three part series about service within the church. The first part introduced a basic overview of serving the church in ways that don’t involve a sign up sheet, job description or official title. The second article skimmed over some mindsets that are contrary to a servant’s heart. Service doesn’t happen accidentally. Many opportunities to serve are passed by because they are just not seen. Below are some practical tips to help you get started practicing and cultivating service within your own heart.

  • Greet people in the lobby with a smile
  • Make time during the week to visit the widows, elderly and shut-ins
  • Speak Biblically and graciously at all times
  • Before you arrive, choose a couple people to speak with and encourage that day. Choose different people each week.
  • Stick around after the services and talk.
  • Before going to church on Sunday morning pray for the services, members, attenders and visitors.
  • Intentionally look for new visitors and introduce yourself to them.
  • Sing loudly and cheerfully. Beautifully if able, but joyfully if not.
  • Never gossip or speak ill of others
  • Have a conversation with one of the kids that goes beyond, “Stop running”.
  • Pray with others, in the lobby, auditorium, kitchen, parking lot or anywhere else
  • Talk about God’s blessings in your life and about God’s Word
  • Listen. Don’t plan what you are going to say next or think about something else you’d rather be doing. Just listen.
  • Serve others throughout the week

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