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December 29, 2014

exalted JesusDaniel 9:24 describes some of the work brought about by the coming of the Messiah. By His work in the flesh, Jesus won a host of  glorious spiritual victories. Not the least astounding is that Hi work has made an end of sin. Think about that for a second! The Messiah’s work results in the eradication of sin! The perpetual pestilence that has brought all manner of disease and sorrow into humanity will be exterminated! As the Christmas carol proclaims, because the Lord has come, “No more let sin and sorrows grow.” The result of the Messiah’s work is the elimination of sin, it’s sorrows, it’s curse and it’s condemnation.

By His corporeal work Jesus brings in everlasting righteousness. Jesus not only put an end to sin, He brought in something far better to replace it. Jesus brought in righteousness- that which is in full harmony with the holiness of God. Righteousness is moral behavior that acts in complete obedience to all the commands of God but it is more than that. Righteousness is a moral character that stands before the court of God free from failure, mistake, negligence, indiscretion or malfeasance in all actions, attitudes, speech, desires and thoughts. It is a moral uprightness that in no way deviates from the perfect righteousness of God.

Such righteousness is impossible for any man to achieve. The standard of perfection is “as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) This level of perfection is impossible for a mere mortal. However, Jesus perfectly obeyed His Father. Jesus perfectly paid the penalty of sin. Jesus now stands ready to give His righteousness to any sinner who will ask it of Him.

Though He freely gives His righteousness to all who trust Him for salvation, He does not give up His righteousness. Jesus holds fast to His righteousness, keeping it for all eternity. Every Christian who has cried out to God for forgiveness and salvation has the righteousness of Jesus and will have it for all eternity. At no point in eternity will a Christian be left dependent on his own righteousness. He will forever be covered in the righteousness of Jesus! That is a glorious work which drives the Christian to his knees in unending, humble worship.

Jesus has by His suffering and death brought in a new covenant. The new covenant is possible because of the last two lines of Jeremiah 31:34, “I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” This is a promise of truly titanic proportions! The new covenant is a covenant by God to wipe away wickedness and not remember sin! The new covenant is a covenant of complete forgiveness and pardon. Jesus has brought in a covenant of mercy, a covenant to wash away all the stain, filth, muck, mire, condemnation, guilt, shame and suffering of sin. Jesus has taken the sin that was against us, all the guilt we suffer under, and removed it from us. He has taken our sin on Himself and been crucified for our crimes. He has removed our guilt and given us His righteousness.

The great work that Jesus has done is a new covenant work, a work of forgiveness, a work of reconciliation and a work of righteousness. This great work is an eternal work. It is not yet completed. Those that are saved are not yet fully saved. I do not mean there is anything lack in God’s power or that a believer will somehow miss out on the salvation God has promised him. I mean the Christian’s salvation is being completed and that work of completion will continue on into eternity! Salvation is real and full and being brought to its final perfect end by Jesus. The believer will stand righteous and perfected for all eternity because of the work begun by Christ in the flesh.


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