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Faith in the All Powerful

January 5, 2015

Time and time again Mark shows Jesus is God and Savior, He is the almighty God and omnipotent Savior. A desperate father brings his tortured son to Jesus’ disciples for healing. They could do nothing. The crowd around did not believe could do anything. The demon was vicious, powerful and deeply ingrained. The man himself doubted Jesus’ power. Despite all this, Jesus responded to the man’s faith, drove away the demon and brought peace to father and son. Mark writes this account show Jesus’ power and rule and to give a graphic illustration of the right response to Jesus. The right response is to believe He is God and then rely fully upon Him. The wrong response is that of the scribes, denial of His Deity and Salvation. The wrong response is the father’s initial response, doubt of His power and compassion. The wrong response is that of the disciples, self reliance and self sufficiency. None of these things are the faith we must have. Genuine faith turns from denial of Jesus and receives Him as the God and Savior He claims to be. True faith turns from empty imaginings that you are enough for the problems before you and rely fully, constantly and increasingly on Jesus. True faith cries out to Him for greater trust, asking Him to help you rely on Him more and more. Genuine faith looks to Him, takes Him at His Word and relies on His to accomplish all His will.

Faith is another of the many Biblical concepts that has been ripped out of its Biblical framework, twisted into something entirely different and offered up to the world at large as Biblical faith.  In the eyes of many today, faith is an object in and of itself. Faith is that thing which moves and accomplishes great things. Biblical faith is never an object, or a force. Faith is a reliance, a lack of effort, a relinquishment of trying, a declaration of inability. Faith has an object in view, but is never the object itself. Faith is powerless unless the object of faith is powerful. Faith does not create power, it draws on power. Faith looks to the omnipotence of the God in whom we put our faith and trusts Him to act on our behalf. As a result, genuine faith will always be in accord with the character of God and be directed by the Word of God. Faith is not a belief in the possible, it is the certain conviction in the reliability of the promises of God. Faith that goes beyond God’s promises, beyond what He has told us in His Word, is not faith. It is presumption and arrogance masquerading as faith. Any confidence that believes more than God has promised is not faith, it is grasping at shadows and clinging to the wisps of ones own wishes. Genuine faith is confidence that God will do all His Word tells us He will do.

As a result, faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Faith is increased as you delve into the Word and see the person and promises of your God. Our faith is increased as you cling to the small faith you have and plead for Him to give you more. Faith is not sinking deep into yourself and making happen all the things you want to happen. Faith is not tapping into a cosmic energy that will bend and shape itself to your desires. Faith is hearing and believing the Word of God. Faith is absolute trust in God, not to do all the things you want, but to do all the things He has promised.


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