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A Christian Defense of Marriage

February 2, 2015

MarriageThe last ten years have seen a cataclysmic shift in the cultural understanding of marriage. The recent erosion of marriage did not begin with the recent upswing of homosexual activism, the example of marital unfaithfulness in the white house during the nineties nor the sexual revolution of the sixties and seventies. The current marital erosion in America seem to be traceable to the days in which pornography began to became more and more accepted and in which no-fault divorce became increasingly widespread. Yet, though the trends beginning in the fifties might be the earliest indications of a problem, the erosion of marriage began somewhere deeper. Marriage began to be eroded in the minds and hearts of Americans. Marriage began to be eroded as Americans increasingly turned from God. The problems marriage faces today are not ones of definitions, compatibility, biology or Hollywood. The problem with marriage is and always has been a problem of worship. As a nation moves farther from true worship of the True God, it consistently and certainly abandons the God created order of marriage- one man and one woman in faithful union together until death.

In Mark 10 Jesus declares that marriage is not a social construct but a Divine creation. Marriage is the handiwork of God and ordered according to His intent. The law of Moses given to Israel does not define marriage. God’s creative work defines marriage. Genesis 2 tells of God’s perfect design of marriage. Genesis 3 tells of the curse brought into marriage because of sin. Though marriage groans under the curse of sin, yet it is God’s handiwork that is not to be twisted or tossed aside.

What is the Divine order of marriage? The created design shows what God ordained marriage to be. A male and a female joined together in unbreakable union. God did not make men and women. He did not make man and woman. God made a man and a woman. Adam had one mate given to him. Eve had one mate given to her.

The created design shows the permanence of marriage. What God joined, no man is to tear apart. Marriage is the work of God. Who are you to shred it? Marriage is the work of God. Who are the judges, politicians and activists to mutilate it? Do not enter into the folly of modern thinking that treats marriage as a semi-permanent kind of state that can be dissolved for many different reasons. Jesus declares marriage is permanent and not to be broken by any man. Though the Bible provides for some exceptions in which divorce is permitted, divorce is never commanded nor commended in the Word.

The solution to the issues afflicting the institution of marriage today is the same it has always been. Marriage will only be protected and preserved as men accept God’s rule over their private lives and acknowledge His rule to be regulative, definitive and authoritative. The best way a Christian can uphold the sanctity of marriage in a world that does not even know what marriage is, is to commit to remaining married in faithful marriage until death dissolves the union. God has created this wonderful gift, use it to bring glory to His name.


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