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Idolatry and Worship

February 5, 2015

I had intended to post something else today, but I came across a sermon by Thomas Watson on the second commandment that was so good I had to share portions of it.

“When we trust him, we make him God to us; when we do not trust him, we make him an idol. Trusting in God is to rely on his power as a Creator, and on his love as a Father. Trusting in God is to commit our chief treasure, our soul, to him. ‘Into your hands I commit my spirit.’ Psalm 31:5. As the orphan trusts his estate with his guardian, so we trust our souls with God. Then he becomes God to us.”

On idolatry:

Trusting anything more than God is to make it a god. Common things men trust in:
•    Riches (Matthew 13:22; Ecc. 5:13; Pro. 10:15)
•    Strength of man (Jer. 17:5; Ps. 20:7)
•    Wisdom (Jer. 9:23; Job 5:13)
•    Self-righteousness (Is. 64:6; Mat. 23:27; Ps. 26:1)
•    Discipline

Loving anything more than God is to make it a god. Loves that often supercede love for God:
•    Possessions (Eph. 5:5; Matt. 19:22)
•    Pleasure (2 Tim. 3:4; Eccl. 7:4)
•    Desires (Phi. 3:19)

Identifying an idol:

  • What do I think most upon?
  • When unrestrained where do my thoughts naturally flow?


On worship:

Love to God must be:

  • Pure and genuine- loving God for Himself not the benefits He gives
  • With all the heart- love to God must be the highest love in the life. “The mind must think of God, the will choose Him, the affections pant after Him.”
  • Passionate- burn in holy love to God.

Evidences of real love to God:

  • Desire His presence
  • Does not love sin
  • Not much in love with anything else
  • Cannot live without Him
  • Will be at any pains to get Him
  • Prefers Him above things and life
  • Love His saints
  • Careful not to dishonor Him

How to stir up love for God:

  • Work to know God properly
  • Be familiar with the Word
  • Think much about God

Love for God keeps His commandments. “Love and obedience, like two sisters, must go hand and hand.” (John 14:15):

  • By faith (Romans 16:26; Hebrews 11:4, 6)
  • Exhaustive (Psalm 119:6; Phil. 3:14)
  • Willingly (Is. 1:19; 1 Chr. 28:9)
    “Good duties must not be pressed nor beaten out of us, as the waters came from the rock, when Moses smote it with his rod—but must drop freely from us as myrrh from the tree, or honey from the comb. If a willing mind is lacking, the flower is lacking to perfume our obedience, and to make it a sweet-smelling savor to God.”

-Thomas Watson


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