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He is worth it!

February 22, 2015

Jesus demands we give up all for Him. Jesus deserves all we give up for Him and much more. He is worthy of the greatest sacrifice. Those that love football may save and sacrifice to buy prime seats at a playoff game, or may spend more money every month to get the extra channels to watch all the games around the nation. We give our time and resources to the things valued most.
What is more valuable than Jesus? He that loves his wife is willing to set aside personal plans to spend time with her. He spends money on her and does things special just for her. We give time and resources for the one we love. Who is more lovely than Jesus?

How can we compare the greatness and glory of Jesus to anything or anyone in this world? He is more than a great King, He is the King of kings. He is more than a powerful ruler, He is the Lord of lords. He is more than an important personage, He God of all. He is more than a great leader, He is the Savior. How to tell the worth of God the Son? How to describe His value and

His many names give a glimpse of His excelling loveliness. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the One that was alive, and died and now lives forever. He is
the Wonderful Counselor. He is the Prince of Peace. He is Lily of the Valley and the Bright and Morning Star. He is the One who was sent, the One who has come and the King who is coming.
He is the Redeemer and the Lamb of God.

His many glorious works offer a hint of His supreme value. He created all things out of nothing. He emptied Himself of His Divine prerogatives and put humanity onto His deity. He humbled Himself. He took onto His shoulders the sin of men and died on a cross to pay the penalty of that sin. He ascended into heaven and sent His Holy Spirit into the hearts of those who believe Him to salvation. He mediates between His children and the Heavenly Father. He rules over all. He
rules over the church. He is working all history to accomplish His glorious will.

The consideration of all these glorious names and works fails to adequately reveal the brilliance of Jesus’ glory. He is surpassingly excellent and glorious beyond all description. If the richest, most important in the world were to give up all his possessions, all his influence and his own life for Jesus, he will not have given to Him the smallest fraction of the glory due to Him.

The call to forsake all to follow Jesus is not for His sake alone. The call of discipleship is a call to a person and a call to a mission. The mission is the proclamation of the gospel. Jesus doesn’t call men to leave everything behind and sit in a cave pondering eternal verities. He calls men to
follow Him in proclaiming salvation to the world. Following Him is a readiness to set aside self and resources to call the nations to salvation. Following Him is a willingness to forsake family
and friends to embrace strangers and declare to them the only One who saves from sin.

Once again, this is worth it. How many willingly risk their lives to rescue a stranger from impending death? How much more valuable is the eternal soul! A single convert is worth long years of labor, long seasons of suffering and perpetual poverty. The call of discipleship is a call to give up anything and everything for Jesus’ sake to go out into the world with the gospel.


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