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God Rules!

May 24, 2015

Mark 13 is a somber chapter full of condemnation, warning, persecution and judgment. In the middle of the dark themes of coming tribulation shines a brilliant beacon of comfort. As they sat on the Mount of Olives gazing at the beautiful temple and pondering the total destruction of a national treasure, Jesus gave His disciples comfrt. The comfort Jesus gave them is just as timely today as it was then. Now is a time of national uncertainty. The massive moral shifts occuring leave Christians troubled at what may come. The increasing stridency of cries for Christians to stay silent on matters of right and wrong leaves many troubled by what the clamor may threaten. The unrest within communities causes many to be troubled. What comfort can be found in a time of sorrow and doubt?

The greatest comfort of all is that God is in full control of all events. None of the events of today are accidental or surprising. All occur exactly as God has planned. The troubles of this world are to be expected, as Jesus foretold. No matter how bleak things may become, nothing will ever be outside His control and the Christian will never be outside His care. He is working in all these things according to His will to accomplish His eternal purposes.

Yes, these are troubled times. However, these troubles are not yet the ones which precede Jesus’ coming reign. The world will not end in the wars of men. The world will not end because of earthquakes. The world will not end because of famines. All these things will occur and will increase. The end will occur at God’s decree and will be accomplished by His action. Despite the depravity of man and the curse of sin, the world will not be destroyed by any action of man. The end will come in the time determined by God and will be accomplished by the power of God.

Only when all His purposes are accomlished will God destroy this world. Though things will get worse and worse the Christian should have a great optimism because of the certainty this world will never get out of control. All remains according to the power and purposes of God. These troubles are the sorrows of sin and the inevitable result of nations in rebellion against God. In all these troubles, take comfort. God is in control. Never forget that. International, national and local sorrows are not arbitrary. The sorrow of the world and the suffering of believers work out the perfect justice and mercy of God. When the latest tragedy flashes across the screen, be comforted. God is still in control. All these sorrows are accomplishing God’s purposes. All God’s purposes are good and bring eternal joy to those who love Him.


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