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A bar burned down

June 5, 2015

Forest Fire

A little whileback one of the local bars burned down. The structure is a total loss. Upon seeing the wreckage the first time, my initial thought was, “Good, one less bar in the county.” I refrained from voicing that thought (until now). As I pondered a more tactful way to communicate that sentiment I realized something. I wouldn’t have to worry about being sympathetic with the drug dealer whose crack house got burned down. As I continued to ponder the matter, I realized Christians no longer see sin as always destructive and deadly.

Christians have believed the lies of the sociologists, psychologists, entertainers and marketers. Sin is now just someone have a good time, expressing himself in the normal way every one else does. Gambling does not destroy families, empty bank accounts and wreck communities, it funds education and builds multi-million dollar community centers. Drunkenness does not waste a life, ruin health or lead to violence and abuse, it is just some buddies having a good time relaxing on the weekend. Pornography does not destroy marriages and further depravity, it is a healthy release, gives couples greater creativity in their marriage and no one gets hurt because everyone involved are consenting adults. We have forgotten vice is vicious.

Because sin is no longer a deadly serpent crushing men and women in it’s embrace, the Christian finds it difficult to decry the evils of sin. The world replies, “What evils?” and the Christian can only mumble a half hearted “well, you really shouldn’t do that.” Christians have found themselves sitting at a table with a man playing Russian roullette. Instead of declaring the game is deadly and will only end in misery and death, Christians have been reduced to holding his hand and being his friend. He sees no harm. He is having a grand time. Happiness and exhilaration accompany each click of the hammer and Christians watch as each spin of the cylinder brings him closer to death and hope that he will decide to set the gun down and listen to a friend tell him about something better than his game.

Sin is not a game. Sin is destruction and woe. Sin brings horrible consequences in this life. Despite the fancy surveys, the careful statistical analyses and the expert opinions, every sin always brings suffering. Sin brings suffering in this life. The drunkard suffers. The gambler suffers. The pornographer suffers. The adulterer suffers. The homosexual suffers. The sluggard suffers. Each sin brings with it its own host of ills. Sin destroys.

Sin crushes truth and chains the sinner to his destruction. Because of the seduction and slavery of sin, the sinner will leave this life and enter into eternal punishment. The truth is suppressed by unrighteousness. Sin ensnares and binds its victims tightly to itself. Sin drowns out the truth and when sin’s victim tries to escape, he finds himself bound tight to that which will bring about his ruin. Yes, I am glad there is one less bar in the county. I am glad there is one less place where men are finding the courage to go home and beat their wives. I am glad there is one less place where women scope out another partner for the night. I am glad there is one less place where families are poured down the drain, where intellect and gumption are washed away and where morality is diluted until no one really cares anymore. Sin is a vicious evil, let us oppose it with all our might, even if everyone else just thinks we’re Victorian prudes.


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