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The End of Tribulation

June 7, 2015

The Great Tribulation will end the seven year Tribulation with earth shaking catastrophes. These catastrophes seem to extend beyond the earth to also encompass, at the very least, the solar system. The sun will be dimmed, the moon will not give off light, the stars will fall out of the sky and all heaven will be shaken. The Bible does not give any more details than this, but it appears to describe a universe that is rapidly falling apart. Whatever the exact details, the tragedies ending the Great Tribulation will be so great that none can escape them. The total annihilation of all humanity is prevented by the return of Jesus.

When He returns it will be in glory. No one will miss His second coming. From the center of world capitals to the depths of the jungles to the most remote mountains, all people all around the entire world will know the glory of the returning King! His glorious return will be prefaced by obvious signs. When the trees begin to green up, the ends of the branches get tender and the leaves begin to grow, summer is very near. One does not have to be a botanist or meteorologist to know summer is coming. So it is with Jesus’ second coming. God will give plain warning, the signs will be evident for all with wisdom to see.

Jesus’ return is certain. In Mark 13:31 Jesus makes two definite statements. Heaven and earth will pass away. The present universe is temporary. The sun, moon, earth and stars will be shaken and one day destroyed. They will fail. Though the universe will falter, Jesus’ words will not. What Jesus says is more certain than this ball of dirt spinning around the sun. What Jesus says is more certain than the sun this world orbits. Jesus emphatically states that all He has promised will come to pass. His words are certain. His return is certain. The certainty of Jesus’ return is a message of warning and great hope. For those who do not know Jesus, He is returning as a judge. He will conquer and He will condemn. He will pour out His wrath on sinners. For those who are saved, His return is a source of rich hope and comfort. All God has promised, He will perform. Evil does not prevail. Justice is served. God’s servants, though they suffer much now, only have to endure for a little while. Their suffering is brief and their joy is unending. Jesus is returning to reign in righteousness over His righteous people.

The response of the believer to Jesus’ inevitable return is summed up in one word: watch. The command to watch is not a command to emulate a little child sitting by the side of a road watching a parade go past. This command is watch like a soldier on sentry duty. This watch is a command to alert readiness. For Christians today, this is not a call to be alert to all the possible signs of Jesus’ returning. The next event in prophecy is the rapture and the Bible does not tell of any signs that will come before the rapture. The rapture could happen right now. The command to watch is to watch our lives and our service. Watch for the spiritual well being of other believers and with compassion for the souls of the unsaved. Watch to have everything in readiness for when Jesus returns. Be vigilant to stay ready so when Jesus returns He wil be pleased with the life and service of His people.


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