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How’d we get here?

June 25, 2015

lostThe radical shifts of legal opinions regarding marriage in the last five years are surprising. Though the storm has been building for many years, most noticeably since the mid-90’s, the sudden upheaval of long established norms regarding marriage and sexuality is causing many to wonder, how did we get here so fast? What happened that caused the sudden, near overnight turn around of marriage morals?

The events of the last few years have certainly happened at a rapid pace, but they can be traced back through a long sequence of decisions reaching back through American history. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the path to today’s depravity was cleared with the ascendancy of theological liberalism in many denominations. The trajectory to godless immorality was set in the years after the second World War and continued on one step at a time until reaching the point. The major milestones of this course include the popular acceptance of Alfred Kinsey’s pseudo-scientific reports on human sexuality, the increasing acceptance of pornography, the growth of anti-religious sentiment, the forced, faked morals of the McCarthy era, the materialism of the 50’s, Elvis, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the rise of radical feminism, the rebellion against the establishment of the 60’s and the complete breakdown of trust in governmental authority in the 70’s. Even the positive moral rebound during the Reagan years resulted in a backlash during the 90’s. The ubiquity of entertainment media, starting with radio, then movies and television, the advance of cable networks, the success of the internet and the proliferation of internet capable smartphones have all had significant roles in this process of moral decline. America has not reached her current moral morass overnight. A long process of rejecting Biblical truth and righteousness for human wisdom and reason has ended in an utter inability to tell the difference between male and female or between marriage and fornication.

This generation is just the latest in a string of generations to reject the morals professed by its parents. The changes of today have much the same moral motivation as the counter-culture of the 60’s. How do we correct the long series of mistakes? No sufficient answer can be given in one hundred words, but the basics of the solution are straightforward. The church must repent and return to an absolute commitment to the authority and sufficiency of the Word. Just like in the days of the King Josiah, the Word of God has been lost. Scriptures has been stashed in the church basement because it is not relevant enough, not edgy enough and not sensitive enough. The Word must be recovered, weep before it’s precepts and beauty and submit to its dictates. The church must reject the shows, the spectacles, the puerile pastors, the promises of good living and the pseudo-psychological garbage that has been the mainstay of popular Christianity for the last hundred plus years. The church must preach the Word in its fullness and power. The church must train it’s people to go into a dark world and preach the light of the gospel to those enslaved in darkness. Only when the wicked heart of men are turned to Christ will the culture change. The promise of the gospel is that even though the fall of our nation’s morals has been a long, steady decline ending in a precipitous plummet, righteousness can be restored swiftly through the salvation of the lost.


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