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July 6, 2015

communion 2On the eve of His crucifxion, Jesus celebrated passover with His disciples. At the end of the meal, He gave to His closest disciples a new memorial. What Jesus instituted hours before His death continues to be celebrated by His disciples today. The Lord’s Supper is a perpetual memorial of what Jesus has done to purchase salvation and of what Jesus is doing to bring to full fruition the salvation He purchased with His blood.

During the meal, Jesus announces His blood is the blood of a new covenant. A covenant is a binding, eternal agreement often accompanied by solemn oaths to God to perform certain defines duties. The blood of Jesus is the seal and certification of a new covenant for all who trust Him.

This Lord’s supper is a sign of this covenant between the Christian and God. This bread and juice is a continual rerminderr that the child of God is now party in a new covenant. The Christian is a benefactor of a new covenant. He is entered into a covenant relationship with God, a covenant which shall never be broken. That which is done in the Lord’s Supper is a memorial that the Christian is now the recipient of God’s new covenant with those who turn to Jesus for forgiveness of sin.

What is this covenant? The covenant is described in Jeremiah and Hebrews. It is the covenant that we will be God’s people and He will be our God. The covenant is a covenant of a new, intimate and permanent relationship with God.

The covenant is a covenant of a new heart. The heart is cleansed and into that new heart are inscribed the laws of God. The Holy Spirit works in the heart of the believer so they can know and obey the commands of God.

This covenant is a covenant of full forgiveness. Sin is forgiven, offering is made, guilt is removed and God remembers His child’s sin no more. Never again will God look at the Christian and think about his sin. Never again will He will look at the believer’s life and consider him guilty. Never again will He see the crimes have committed against Him. Such forgiveness is unfathomable! The Christian is not guilty because God knows of nothing sinful done by Him. Jesus blood has washed away every blot of sin and purchased a full pardon to those who turn to Him. The pardon given to those who believe is free and full. No sin is left for which to pay. No sin yet to be committed must still be atoned for. No obscure sin unnoticed and unrepented must be paid off. Every sin committed, being committed or to be committed was pardoned through the blood of Jesus.

This covenant that God makes is not a covenant between man and God. The covenant is a covenant by God with Himself. The new covenant is a covenant initiated by God, whose terms are written by God, whose payment is paid by God, whose duties are performed by God and whose security is safeguarded by God. The blood of Jesus brings the Christian into the new covenant, but not as promisor. The Christian is not a co-signer, partner or investor in the new covenant. The Christian is the beneficiary of the new covenant. Those who are saved are brought into God’s covenant and reap all the benefits of that which God has fully accomplished.


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