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“According to the Scriptures”

August 10, 2015

carrying the crossCrucifixion is one of the cruelest forms of capital punishment ever invented. The crucified were not offered a quick death. They were sentenced to a long torture intended to bring the convict to the very threshold of passing out from pain, but not quite crossing the point where he would become unconscious and temporarily released from his agony. The crucified usually suffered days of constantly increasing torment that only ended with death.

When Jesus was crucified He endured all the horrors common to the cross. He endured more. He endured teh rejection and scorn of His own people. He endure the jealous malice of the priests. He endured the disregard of Pilate and the jeers of the Roman soldiers. He endured the reviling of the thieves hung on either side of Him. He endured the betrayal and abandonment of His friends. Though these sorrows do not compare to the sorrow of the crushing wrath of God on sin, each added its oppressive sorrow to the weight of woe borne by our Lord.

Many of the events of the cross were foretold in the Old Testament. Those things foreotld happened just as God had said. Mark 15:28 emphasizes this point. All these things happened just as the Bible foretold. He was condemned with criminals, just as Isaiah 53 prophesied. He was surrounded by scoffers just as Psalm 22 said. He was beaten and mocked just as Isaiah said. He was offered bitter drink, just as the Psalmist said. His clothes were gambled over, just like Zechariah said. Please don’t miss this, for it is an important part of the gospel. The Old Testament described many details of Jesus’ death. These descriptions are in the prophets because God knew exactly what was going to happen, down to the smallest detail. These descriptions are there because God planned exactly what was going to happen, down to the smallest detail. God orchestrated events so Jesus would be crucified with two unnamed thieves. God arranged even the clothes Jesus was wearing at the time of the crucifixion. All was accomplished just as God intended and just as God said.

The perfection of accomplishment of all that God had foretold confirms the truth of the gospel and the Word of God. Only God could accurately predict hundreds of years ahead of time the most insignificant details about the cross. God was right when He said Jesus’ clothes would be gambled over, and God is right when He says all are guilty before Him. God was right when He said Jesus would be condemned with the wicked, and He is right when He said Jesus took man’s guilt upon Him and paid the punishment of sin. God was right when He said Jesus would be offered bitter drinks and He is right when He says all will be forgiven and reconciled to Him who trust Jesus. The prophecies of the cross prove the message of the cross.


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